Volunteer Leadership Award Nomination

The YMCA Volunteer Leadership Award will be given annually at the fall conference to acknowledge leadership in any aspect of Youth Development, Healthy Living or Social Responsibility where the volunteer has made significant impact on the YMCA or the community. Click the below to nominate someone! 2020 nominations will begin in summer 2020.

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Dan Newhouse Leadership Award

Our goal is to recognize retired WI YMCA CEOs who have provided leadership to their respective YMCA community, the YMCA’s throughout the state and some CEO’s who have shared their expertise nationally. Each winter all 34 of the corporate YMCA’s will have an opportunity to nominate a retired WI YMCA CEO living or deceased to be recognized at the annual leadership conference that is held each fall. Annually at the YMCA Spring Executive Conference in WI Dells, all the CEO’s in attendance will vote on the top 2 CEO’s that we are going to recognize for the corresponding year. With several qualified retired CEO’s eligible for this recognition, we are sure that recognizing a minimum amount each year will ensure that this award goes on for a long time. Rob Johnson will email all CEOs the nomination information prior to the spring leadership conference.


2016:  Dan Newhouse

2017:  Fred Hauser, Pat O'Brien

2018:  Tom Jackson, Jack Murray

2019:  Anne Derber, Steve Harty

2020:  Winners have been determined and will be announced in the fall of 2020!


Email Rob Johnson for details